E-Learning “Iranian Studies”, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, MA

E-Learning “Iranian Studies”, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, MA

Iranian Studies

E-Learning Master of Arts (M.A.)

Faculty of Literature and Humanities
University of Tehran


Duration of study: 5 semesters
Beginning of study: Second Semester of Every Academic Year

  • Objectives and Objects of Study
    Iran is the subject of study for the students and Iranologists for its historical, cultural, and literal appeals throughout the world. Herodotus' reports to tourists' itineraries in the Islamic era are all indicative of the endeavors and researches made in this arena since ancient times. The field of Iranian Studies refers to the study of various aspects of the history, culture, language and literature of Iranian territory from ancient to present times.
    The department of Iranian studies in the Faculty of Literature and Humanities offers two sub-fields namely Ancient and Contemporary Iranian Studies. Ancient Iranian Studies focuses on ancient and middle Iranian languages, notably Old Persian, Avestan, Pahlavi, the history and culture of Ancient Iran. Contemporary Iranian Studies concentrates particularly on the contemporary history, literature and art in Iran.
  •  Requirements
    • Having a good command of the Persian language (Persian language training certificate from an accredited institution is required).
    • Previous familiarity with the history, the Arabic language and principles of linguistics would be helpful.
  • Curriculum
    During the first semester, the students will take general courses such as: History of Iran, History of the Persian language, History of the Persian literature, and principles of linguistics.
    From the second semester, the courses will be taken in accordance with the student’s sub-field and interest.
    The list of courses in Iranian Studies are as follows:
  • Courses
    • History of Iran (1)
    • History of Iranian Literature (1)
    • History of Iranian Languages
    • History of Iran (2)
    • History of Iranian Literature (2)
    • General Issues in Iranian Studies (1)
    • General Issues in Iranian Studies (2)
    • Research Methodology
    • Bibliography
    • Iranian Studies (Schools, Subfields, Methods)
    • Special Topics
    • Seminar
    • Iranian World and Contemporary Iran
    • General historical sociology of Iran
    • Archaeology and Review of Inscriptions
    • Historical Geography
    • History of Iranian Arts
    • Contemporary Persian literature
    • Identification and study of documents and inscriptions
    • History of Iran , based on national accounts
  • Thesis
    Second semester students must propose the topic of their thesis in consultation with the teaching staff.
  • Professional prospects
    Graduates can find employment in journalism, diplomatic services, teaching in universities, and in museums and libraries as interpreters and translators.
  • Tuition Fee
    The tuition fee resolved by the University 3500 euro per year. Foreign students admitted to the University of Tehran at MA in Iranian Studies will enjoy the University's scholarship as much as %65 of the tuition fees. Accommodation, alimentation and insurance fees are not included.


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