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“Master’s Degree in Iranian Studies”


UT Kish International Campus offers“ Master’s Degree in Iranian Studies” in English for those international students who are interested in International politics; Relations, Globalizations and regionalism; Theoretical evolutions; Shi`a studies; Islamic revolution in Iran; Politics and governance in Iran;   Political geography of Iran; Iranian subnational and ethnic groups; Political economy of Iran; Economy of energy and natural resources in Iran; Iran and middle east countries; Iran and the world powers; Role and evolution of media in Iran; History of Iran; History of literature; History of Iranian languages; Contemporary history of Iran; Historical sociology of Iran; History of Iranian arts; Contemporary Persian literature; Identification and study of documents and inscriptions; Iranian studies, etc.


MA in Iranian Studies

Master’s program in Iranian studies is usually two years of full- time study. It enhances your professional skills, and gives you an in-depth understanding of the specific knowledge area. Graduates can find employment in journalism, diplomatic services, teaching at universities, working at museums or libraries. This course is designed for at least 4 semesters including a dissertation. To graduate, students must complete 32 units.


Course overview

Over the past decades, especially after Iranian Islamic revolution the East studies and Iranian studies from western points of view is so much affected by politics. Media present different stereotypes of Iran from what it really is. Most of the times, in these studies, the rich history and culture of Iran is neglected or forgotten. As a result, this course is designed to be a platform for foreign students to learn about true Iran apart from all the invented imaginations against it and correct the existing stereotypes against Iran.



The location of the Campus is the beautiful coral island of Kish, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, with all its tourist and business attractions. It is about a one and a half hour flight to the capital, Tehran.



Wi-Fi Access, Study Rooms, Digital language laboratory, a full range of library resources (Printed and eBooks/Journals), Bookstore, Computer sites, Well-equipped Gymnasium, Dormitory, Restaurants, a Bank branch, ATMs and a Travel agency.


Fees and Living Expenses

KIC offers affordable tuition fees compared to other international universities. Students can enjoy moderate living expenses using KIC dormitories. Reasonable living expenses compared to other regional countries allow students to experience an unforgettable educational life.


Tuition fee

These figures are subject to change, based on the approval from the University Board of Trustees

Annual Tuition Fee

Annual Tuition Fee

UT Scholarship 

Final Payable Amount by Student

MA in Iranian Studies

USD 6500 Per Year
(Two Semesters)

USD 3250  Per Year
(Two Semesters)

USD 3250 Per Year
(Two Semesters)


Dormitory Fees

Dormitory fees are based on 2017 Academic year and they are subject to change.







approximately 60 square meters

1370 USD (Per Semester, Per person)



approximately 80 square meters

1000 USD (Per Semester, Per person)


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Entry requirements

  • Holding a B.A or B.Sc. degree from an accredited institution.
  • Completed application form available at:
  • A scanned copy of two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your educational capabilities.
  • A scanned copy of applicant´s passport.
  • A scanned copy of your recent photograph.


Submitting the applications
All application documents should be submitted to the following E-mail address:
For more information please contact Dr. Majdeddin at: +98 76 444 30683 or

Last Update At : 30 July 2021