The insurance contract is signed every year between the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and the Insurance Department of Tehran Province after the Ministry of Science allocates the necessary funds to the Finance Department of the University of Tehran to insure scholarship students for that ministry.

The Office of International Students of the University of Tehran, in cooperation with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is responsible for compiling and preparing the list of international scholarship students. Therefore, after collecting the documents, the final list is given to the student insurance officer in the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and the booklets are delivered to the Admission Office.

Insurance documents:

  • Front page of passport image
  • Image of Residence
  • Student and his family members’ photo (Male scholarship students)
  • Image of cover of the booklet for insurance renewal

Note: According to the rules of the Insurance Department, health insurance is provided only to the families of male international students.


Non-scholarship Student Insurance:

According to the regulations for admission of international students approved by the Board of Directors dated August 22, 2020, all international students can apply for health services insurance like Iranian students at the University of Tehran by paying the amount of insurance determined by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Applicants may send their requests to for the attention of the Office of International Students Admission.


Insurance credit amount


The determined amount of insurance

Academic Year


1.300.000 tomans



Last Update At : 08 August 2021