Admission Process – Doctorate Degree


How to apply for admission:

After ensuring that the conditions of the university are met, the applicant must first send the application along with the requested documents to the email address Admission steps will be implemented by the Office of International Students upon completion of the application.

Acceptance time:

1. First semester period:

          • Submission of applications by applicants from March 6 to May 20.

2. Second semester period:

            • Submission of applications by applicants from 15 July to 31 September.


Note: According to the rules of admission regulation for non-Iranian students approved by the esteemed board of the University of Tehran on July 17, 2021, applications sent after the end of the announced time periods for each semester will not be processed and they can be reviewed for the next semester.


Admission Process



Final Admission Process of the Ministry of Science, Research

and Technology


Registration documents:

  • Receiving the unrestricted educational license from the Competence System of the Student Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  • Receiving a student visa (type E).
  • Personal photo
  • Presenting the tuition payment receipt for the first semester.
  • Presenting the original high school diploma or the degree of the previous level and the original identity documents.
  • Presenting a Persian language proficiency test certificate for courses held in Persian.


In-person Registration

In the face-to-face registration, after the applicant refers to the Office of International Students, the admission colleagues examine the announced documents then the Accounting Department colleagues introduce the applicant to the bank to pay the tuition fee. After paying the tuition fee and confirming the payment receipt by the accounting Department of the International Deputy, the applicant will be introduced to the General Directorate of Educational Services for registration in a letter with the permission of the Ministry of Science and the bank receipt.


In absentia Registration

Due to the situation following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the absence of accepted applicants in the country, vice-President for International Affairs has registered them in absentia to help these people in coordination with the University Educational Services Department without paying tuition. Therefore, when registering, the applicant has to send pictures of all required documents via email to the Admissions Department of the Office of International Students, and sign the picture of the tuition payment and presenting the original document commitment letter in his or her presentation in the country then send them to the admission colleagues including his or her contact information.


Persian language

If the admitted person has the conditions to become proficient in Persian language, it is not necessary to present a Persian language Proficiency Certificate.


Conditions for Obtaining Persian Language Skills

• The applicant was born in a Persian-speaking country and Persian is the native language of the individual.

• The applicant has obtained his / her previous degree in a university where the content is translated into Persian.


Note: If the admitted person is not fluent in Persian, after registration, he / she must be introduced to Dehkhoda Dictionary Institute to determine the level of Persian language and pass the Persian language training course. Studying Persian language course like the compensatory course is considered as a study leave in that semester without inclusion in the academic years. If the applicant does not get a satisfactory score, the education in the Persian language course can be extended until the second semester.





Last Update At : 04 September 2022