Foreign visitors who wish their visa to be arranged by the University of Tehran should correspond with the respective college/faculty/institute. They will be asked to fill out a visa form, and after confirmation, their visa will be processed with the help of the Office of Consular. Applicants may send their requests to for the attention of the Office of Consular.

Extending Visa Requirements:

  • Original passport at least six months of  validation
  • Two  personal  photos
  • Two  photocopies of  the passport's bio-data page
  • One  photocopy of  the education visa & original visa
  • One  photocopy of  the passport's entry stamp page
  • One  photocopy of the passport's ID page (the last page of passport) if it exists
  • Hayat-e-amn  insurance for one year
  • 3000 Toman (in cash)
  • 30000 Toman (by credit card) for one month
  • 70000 Toman (by credit card) for three months

Last Update At : 12 December 2021